Pardonnez-Moi! Learning French Social Conventions

July 9, 2014

The French Academy beat the heat again with almost half of the students spending their activity period at the pool for a well-deserved dip after a long day of classes. The theme of the day began at morning assembly where students debated the importance of using vous  instead of tu when addressing a police officer. Conversations did not stop there though as the cafeteria buzzed with discussion on the topic of the day, social do’s and don’ts. Students were especially careful to accompany each burp and belch with a pardon. Between debating the importance of bringing a thank-gift to a host and introducing new friends to old friends, students began preparation for the upcoming World Expo! On est là the all academy song of 2014 has become a popular hit not only with students, but with teachers and RAs as well. Kids dove into choreographing, memorizing lyrics and learning the song on the piano and ukulele for the much-anticipated event.  

-Tess Lagor, RA French Academy