Saturday Night Fever

June 29, 2014

Yesterday marked the beginning of the first weekend here at MMLA Swarthmore. The students were treated to many various activities and events throughout the day and night as well as some much deserved down time mixed in. Here is what some of our staff had to say:

The Spanish Academy traveled to Tierra Colombiana, a restaurant in Philadelphia that specializes in food from Colombia and around the Caribbean. The menu included:

empanadas de queso, brochetas de tostones, ensalada mixta, ensalada de aguacate y mango, pollo en salsa de limón, ropa vieja, arroz con gandules, arroz blanco y frijoles negros y rojos.  For dessert, the students chose from tres leches cake and flan.  

Afterwards, everyone took part in a one hour salsa dance lesson where the group learned a variety of basic steps. This was followed by dancing in pairs. The trip concluded with a dance off between 5 couples. All in all, it was a great day with lots of Latin flavor. Enjoy the photos!

-David Brightbill, Spanish Language Director

An exciting day for the students in the French Academy. It is hard to believe that we have almost been here for a week; but today we wrapped up our first cultural exploration classes studying and creating our own comic strips and advertisements. Afterwards, we spent the afternoon exploring the campus with our photo scavenger hunt – looking for the big white chair, chipmunks, a wall made of windows, where a superhero would live, etc. All this led up to our evening event - Fest Noz, the night festival of Bretagne. Together we discovered the traditional music, dance, culture, and even language that make this region of France unique from all others. We made recipe cards, triskells, and learned about traditional Breton outfits. We ended our evening with a crepe decorating competition, where all French Academy students had the opportunity to show off their gourmet creations! Another extraordinary day with the French Academy. 

-Rachel Ippolito, French Dorm Head

We did it! After a long week of classes and adjustment to living completely in Chinese, we finally made it to the weekend! In the morning, students had the opportunity to go downtown for a while, visiting Swarthmore’s co-op, candy store, and coffee shop - all in target language of course! In the evening, we had a much awaited event. This Saturday we had our first full academy party. The theme for the party was 1920’s Shanghai. In this casino style party, students were given poker chips to compete in a variety of card games. Later, students had the opportunity to learn some popular C-pop dances and show us their moves!

-Tim Quinn, Chinese Residential Advisor

Until next time,

-Max Brazo, Program Assistant