Smooth Sailing at Swarthmore

July 3, 2014

It’s Thursday of the second week, and all’s well here at Swarthmore. The students are definitely getting more and more accustomed to MMLA life by the day. Working hard in class and playing hard during activities is really helping to solidify friendships and language ability alike.

Today, the Chinese Academy enjoyed a special performance by Huahua Zhang, an  expert storyteller. Inspired by Jim Henson’s Muppets and Pablo Picasso’s Cubism, she used a diverse ensemble of elegant puppets to share some traditional Chinese tales and offer a feel for the flavor of Chinese theater. Her performance was interactive as well, teaching new words and encouraging responses from the audience.

Thankfully, Zhang’s performance was inside, and the students were out of the heat. We at Swarthmore take safety in the face of high summer temperatures and humidity seriously. Water coolers are strategically placed throughout campus; students will never be too far from one. Also, intense, athletic activities outdoors have been replaced by low-impact indoor games. Finally, fans are whirring around the clock on each dorm hall to keep the cool air circulating.

No matter how high the temperature may be, spirits are even higher here at Swarthmore! Stay tuned for more updates!

-Nick Anderson, Program Assistant