Start the Day the Beijing Way

June 27, 2014

Each morning our RA’s kick off the day with the morning assembly, where they convey important information to our students without using English. What results is a spectacular display of classic language pledge communication methods, including skits, hand motions and a lot of charades. Students must watch and listen very carefully to put together the Chinese they are hearing and the movements of the RA’s to get important pieces of information that they will need for the day. 

Another big part of the morning assembly is to get students excited for the day. Our RA’s do this in a number of ways. First, they start with having students repeat our slogan:


This roughly translates to: “Today will be fun, studying is easy! Chinese is good, Chinese is wonderful, Chinese is excellent!” But some things are lost in the translation.

Another way students prepare for the day is through participation in a variety of morning assembly activities. Yesterday, our RAs led a few traditional Chinese exercises that many people in Beijing perform in the morning to stay healthy. Needless to say, students loved being able to get up and move around.

-Timothy Liu, Director of Residential Life