Sunday Funday

June 30, 2014

This Sunday at Swarthmore College, the students enjoyed various activities intended to give them a break from the rigors of the past weeks classes and assignments. Each student was able to catch up a little on sleep as well as some brief exemptions from the language pledge in different circumstances during the day. As the day drew to a close, all the academies held a Language Pledge recommitment ceremony to ready everyone for the coming week. Here are some words from our wonderful staff pertaining to Sunday’s events in each academy:

After a language charged week, the students deserved a relaxed Sunday morning. Students enjoyed a small sleep-in before they broke up into their living groups and explored the little town of Swarthmore for the first time. Beginners felt a wave of relief as the director, Étienne, called a brief momentary pause in the Language Pledge ®. The academy shouted together a countdown from ten to un, signifying the end of the pause, reestablishing their commitment to “parler en français.” After finishing their second Sunday here at Swarthmore, students presented their action-packed comics and hilarious commercials from cultural exploration classes. The most exciting aspect of the evening occurred when the beginners signed the un-altered Language Pledge ®, joining their peers English-free for the next three weeks! 

-Tess Lagor, French Residential Advisor

Sunday at the SWT Chinese academy gave the students a well-needed change of pace from the hectic week of classes, activities, cultural exploration activities, and assemblies. With a bit later start to the day, a screening of the Disney Classic “Mulan,” and even an opportunity for some English communication with new friends, Sunday afternoon was a refreshing change of routine.  The day ended with a “language pledge recommitment ceremony,” where we were all reminded about the importance of keeping the language pledge and staying true to our promise to learn Chinese for the weeks to come. Then, we cheered as we all resigned our names, and returned home to relax before the school week would begin once again the next morning. 

-Rebecca Levy, Chinese Residential Advisor

After an arduous week, the Spanish students relaxed with a day composed mostly of free time.  Many slept late and woke up to play cards with their friends, or go to lunch at the dining hall.  The Spanish RAs took groups off to watch Telenovelas, a type of soap-opera, and also to organize sports on the lawn.  In the afternoon students were able to start their new Culture classes, including taking selfies in the style of various Hispanic artists and a class on muralism in Mexican Revolution. 

-Tim Pillsbury, Spanish Dorm Head

Looking forward to another great week!

-Max Brazo, Program Assistant