Sunny, 75, and Activities Galore!

June 25, 2014

So many activities…so little time! That seems to be the motto here at MMLA Pomona. Yesterday many of our students chose to gather on Marston Quad to enjoy yet another day of beautiful weather here in sunny Claremont, California.

Arabic Academy students spent their allotted activity time learning and playing new card games. Coordinated by RA Marji, this activity allowed students to focus on their Arabic verbal communication skills (and spend some time getting some fresh air and soaking up Vitamin D outside). 

Spanish Academy students visited the same area soon after for a pickup game of fútbol during free time. With the impressive backdrop of Carnegie Hall behind them, students laughed and enjoyed some time off getting into the game. Also taking advantage of the impressive grounds here at Pomona, some Arabic Academy students started up a game of frisbee. 

Free time allows students to relax and to communicate with each other in their target languages. Enjoying the gorgeous weather, exploring the beautiful campus, and forming lasting friendships are just added bonuses here at MMLA Pomona.