Today In Français

July 7, 2014

The French Academy has been quite busy today! Between chalk art during activity time and cultural exploration classes, students have been going pretty much non-stop.

What is cultural exploration class, you ask? Well, due to the fact that language and culture are inextricable, cultural learning is a cornerstone of the MMLA curriculum. As such, students participate in a two-hour cultural exploration every day from 1:30-3:30 p.m. This class rotates every four to six days, so that students have the opportunity to learn about a variety of interesting cultural subjects. This week the French Academy is offering the following topics:

-La Vie Saine (Healthy Living)

-Le Sénégal

-La Patisserie Francaise

Today the La Vie Saine class was learning a few self-defense moves, which definitely provides an original and practical take on healthy living. Students happily stood in a circle, safely practicing the techniques that the instructors were explaining to them.

Yesterday the teacher of the Sénégal class, Marie-Josée, gave students an overview of the country: the food, the people, the traditions, the clothing, etc. Today, students were intently focused on drawing their own Senegalese masks, much like the masks made in that French-speaking country. Various Senegalese cultural artifacts are present in the classroom, thus acquainting students with this country’s culture.

One of the best things about cultural learning is that it often involves food … which is definitely the case in the first two classes listed! Students in both classes can look forward to learning how to cook something delicious from the target culture. Students in the Sénégal class will be making a traditional Senegalese dish. Feray’sclass (the bakery class) will most likely be cooking something sweet, but she isn’t giving away her secret, so stay tuned to find out what the French students will be cooking on Wednesday!

-Stephanie Loiselle, Activities Coordinator