Très Chic

July 7, 2014

After a busy (and victorious!) weekend, the French Academy settled back into its daily routine and kicked off the week with the help of an impromptu fashion show, a wide variety of presentations and a recommitment to the Language Pledge®.

This morning’s assembly started off with a slideshow of the fabulous tableaux vivants (live pictures) that the students created this past Saturday; it was a great opportunity to revisit our favorite imitations of La liberté guidant le peuple. After morning assembly, since the theme of the day was clothing and attire, we created our own five minute version of a popular show: Project Runway: MMLA. The students were divided into seven groups and each group was given a trash bag, some colored paper, a pair of scissors, some tape, some string, a few paper clips and some post-its. From this motley assortment of office supplies, students created outfits that each of them would model at the end of the five minutes. The results were delightful, stylish and creative. Don’t tell anyone, but we may have found the next Coco Chanel.

In our afternoon activities, students began the process of editing and polishing the footage they had filmed over the weekend, as part of our ongoing Festival de Cannes project. We’re all looking forward to seeing the end results! Finally, this evening we all put on our spiffiest outfits (a level of attire we like to call chic et modern) for the evening assembly as students recommitted to the Language Pledge® helping to get us ready for another week of Français and fun.  

-Hannah/Cécile, French RA