Tuesday Routine

June 25, 2014

We are definitely in the swing of things here at Swarthmore. The students have been busy learning their languages and interacting with their newfound friends and teaching staff. Here are some words from the staff on Tuesday’s activities:

On Tuesday, the Spanish Academy had their second full day. They are beginning to learn the systems and routines of the day. Even in so short a time, improvement was marked, especially in listening comprehension. The students also began to grow out of their shells as friend groups started to expand from just roommates and immediate hall neighbors to more people in the living group and classes. The students with stronger skills are leading the way in socialization, and there is a great spirit of camaraderie in the dormitory as students help one another to embrace the immersion environment and still find ways to express their wants, needs, and personality.

-Tim Pillsbury, Spanish Dorm Head


The second day here at MMLA was an eventful one. We started the day with our morning assembly where the RAs led the gesture telephone game, where you had to pass the message down the line using only charades, which really highlighted the importance of body language and gestures in language. We also played an exciting game of “Elephants, Knights and Boats” where everyone had to quickly get into the positions when they were shouted out by our MC Zoé. All the students left with smiles on their faces for the morning classes. In the afternoon, the students had a choice of three activities: playing soccer with Marcel, making friendship bracelets with Zoé, or going to the pool with Léa and Cécile. We were all happy to be active and outside because it was a beautiful day. That night, we had our first nighttime assembly, where we welcomed two new students to the French Academy and also congratulated four students who already (after only one day) moved up a level in their classes. We are so proud of the progress our students are making! Everyone is excited to stick to the language pledge and improve their French during this first week of classes. The French Academy is truly an inspirational place to be. I can’t wait to see the progress our enthusiastic students will make in the future!

-Maggie Liston, French Residential Advisor

On the students’ third day of classes, everyone in the Chinese academy is settling into their exciting new lives here at MMLA. Classes, coursework, and dorm life are becoming more familiar, as relationships with teachers, RAs, and most importantly, new friends are blossoming - all in target language of course! Today, students started the day off with “jingshen” (energy) as they all danced along to a Chinese music video at our morning assembly! I am so proud of the Chinese academy’s spirit and enthusiasm as they tackle each day’s activities and events, and can’t wait to see how the rest of the week goes!

-Becca Levy, Chinese Residential Advisor