This Week in Spanish: Evening Assemblies

June 27, 2014

We have started with 100% “Poder Naranja” (Spanish academy Spirit) in the Spanish Academy this week.  The RAs and myself have already seen improvement among our students! It’s been great to see students start from saying very few words to sentences and we are so excited for what is ahead!

As part of the MMLA adventure, students are expected to participate in an Evening Assembly. The evening assembly is a chance for the students to show off all the great things they’ve learned in their electives and classes to their teachers, classmates, and the “mentores.” (RAs)

This week, the students put together a variety of things. We learned about the education system of different Latin American countries, saw a few student-made skits and even built a plan for their own camp! (They created one that had a Taco Bell in it instead of a Dining Hall.)

One of the Evening Assemblies this week featured Taylor’s dance class singing a song that they wrote to the tune of “Vivir Mi Vida” by Marc Anthony.  The students wrote lyrics inspired by their life here in the Spanish Academy at Pomona.  They even dedicated one of the stanzas to one of our mentores, Fernando!