What to Wear at MMLA: Your Fashion Guide

March 12, 2014

A week’s worth of clothes: One of the unexpected benefits of attending MMLA is that you learn to wash and dry laundry if you don’t already know. This is a valuable skill that will undoubtedly be useful in college. On the flip side, ever since I returned, my mom has made me do my own laundry. Thanks, MMLA! What this means is you really don’t need to pack that many clothes. I would recommend bringing 7-10 shirts and a couple pairs of pants/shorts plus pajamas. Unless you happen to have shirts with writing in your target language on them, try not to bring shirts with extensive writing because they detract from the Language Pledge. You will also end up wearing the MMLA t-shirt that is given out for several events.

Workout clothing/shoes: MMLA provides you with many opportunities to play sports as well as some free time in which you can exercise. At the Pomona campus, there was a gym for student use and time in the mornings to run in addition to afternoon activity time in which we could often play basketball or soccer. Meals at the Academy are also served buffet-style, which means if your eating habits are anything like mine, you’ll want to hit the gym sooner or later. Bring a couple pairs of athletic shorts and a pair of running shoes.

A classy outfit: Bring at least one nice outfit that is appropriate for the dances and other functions that happen over the course of the month. This is essential! Proceed to look great and impress all the chicas.

That’s really all you need. Unless you’re a girl, in which case you’ll read this and proceed to pack 20 times as many clothes as I recommended. But really, as long as you have these three essentials, in my mind, you’ll be prepared for your month at MMLA!

Maddox Kay is a high school junior from Los Angeles, California, who enjoys music, sports, especially basketball, and learning Spanish. In 2013, he attended the Spanish Academy at Pomona College, and this year will travel abroad to Comillas, Spain, for the new Spanish Academy abroad.