World Cup and Dance Routines Make for Fun-Filled Activity Times

June 26, 2014

An essential part of any day at MMLA is activity time. Breaking away from the structured academic setting of the morning hours, students are able to participate in a variety of activities that they would normally enjoy in their daily lives - all while adhering to the language pledge, of course.

For any soccer fans in the Arabic Academy who worried about missing the action of the Nigeria vs. Argentina World Cup match, all fears were set aside when some of the Arabic RAs set up a screening of the match, along with some accompanying Arabic music in the background.

Meanwhile, across campus in the French Academy, some of the students participated in a dance class lead by Caroline, one of the French RAs. With Stromae’s Alors On Danse as their music, the group worked together over the hour-long period and was able to create a routine that incorporated different moves from everyone in the class. The final product was quite remarquable!

After activity time and the students were more than excited to talk to family and friends back at home.

 -Colin Edwards, Pomona Program Assistant