Summer Academy Blog - Comillas 2014

Teacher Profile - Susan Bennitt

June 29, 2014

Susan earned her BA and MA in Spanish studies from Middlebury College. After living and working as a global advertising executive in Madrid for 25 years, she and her three high school aged daughters moved to Connecticut to pursue... read more

Director Profile - Alejandro Saravia

June 29, 2014

Alejandro was born and raised in Mexico City, Mx. The 5th child in a family of eight, he never thought that living abroad was an option for him. He studied Chemistry at the National University (UNAM) and decided to work in education after receiving his... read more

Director Profile - Kim Griffin

June 29, 2014

Kim Griffin was born and raised in Binghamton, New York.  From the first day of Spanish class in 9th grade at Susquehanna Valley H.S. she knew that she wanted to be a Spanish teacher. She atended SUNY Oswego and majored in Secondary Education-Spanish... read more

Learning about Fishing in Comillas

June 28, 2014

We had the opportunity to visit a plant that processes shellfish (mussels and clams) special thanks to Juan, the person in charge of our guided plant tour.   After the visit, we had a short hike by the coast with Aitor our guide. You will see... read more

Getting to Know Comillas by Treasure Hunting

June 27, 2014

Today, Comillas Academy students familiarized themselves with the village and people of Comillas through a treasure hunt called Gymkhana.  -Alejandro Saravia .hero { display: none; }