Gaining Invaluable Language Experience by Exploring the Summer Palace

Sunday was another day out in Beijing, and our destination was the Summer Palace. Basically a huge park, the Summer Palace is a mix of natural landscapes and man-made features. We entered from the North gate, meaning we had to tackle Longevity Hill before we made it to the Summer Palace’s most notable feature: Kunming Lake. While on the hill, students explored the various pavilions,temples and bridges – of course, we took advantage of these great photo opportunities.

Important Information for Beijing Academy 2014

In case family members missed it previously, we are including important information on the Beijing Academy below. Please keep this for your records and reach out with any questions or concerns!


MMLA Program

Beijing Institute of Education

2 Wenxing Street

Xizhimenwai, Xicheng District

Beijing 100044, PRC

北京西城区西直门外文兴街2 号



CET Office in Beijing - From the U.S. dial:  011+86+10+6834 2428

-Monday-Friday day time only

Students Meet the Comillas Mayor and Council Members

Yesterday students learned the intricacies of the Spanish political system. Today, students were treated to a rare experience that cemented the previous day’s learnings by attending a Town Hall meeting with the mayor and Council members. 

-Alejandro Saravia

Chinese Academy Enjoys Traditional Dance Performance

Last night, Chinese Academy students got the chance to enjoy a night of traditional Chinese dance. The performance kicked off in high gear, with several dancers dressed up as giant animals! Students and staff alike sat enthralled by the vibrant colors of the costumes and elegance of the many dances. The variety of different dances ensured that there was something for everyone to enjoy, and plenty of variety to go around. By the end of the night, the Chinese Academy was treated to a truly wonderful sampling of Chinese culture.

-Lindsay Call, Program Assistant

French Academy Experiences Polynesian Dance

French Academy students were greeted in traditional Polynesian fashion as they entered the pavilion for their evening showcase of Polynesian dancing. The dances that were performed are traditionally from French-speaking areas of the Pacific. Aside from being entertaining, the evening focused on teaching French Academy students about Polynesian culture and about how widely French is spoken. As a whole, the event was a relaxing break from the usual hectic nature of MMLA and left audience members dreaming of islands in the sun.

-Lindsay Call, Program Assistant

Sound of Music: Chinese Academy Uses Tunes to Learn

Whether you’ve studied Mandarin for ten years, or have never heard Chinese in your life, music is a medium that seems to bring everyone together. After a long day inside and outside of the classroom, there is no better way to bring the day to a close than through song. We’re just a little over a week in and have a vast repertoire of original material, which range in topics from weather to daily greetings.

French Academy Updates!

We noticed (as have you!) that the French Academy deserved some TLC on our blog. And here it comes in photographic form!

Classroom Perspective

I had the pleasure of visiting various classes this morning to observe the students in their own learning environment. I was able to see all three academies in action and was surprised at the level of comprehension in each class! I was very impressed by how all of the students were incredibly engaged in what each teacher was presenting and everyone seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves as well. 

Important Information for Swarthmore Academy 2014

In case family members missed it previously, we are including important information on the Swarthmore Academy below. Please keep this for your records and reach out with any questions or concerns!

MMLA Program- Student Name

Language Academy
Swarthmore College
500 College Avenue
Swarthmore, PA  19081


MMLA Office Telephone: 610-957-6296  (7:30 AM-10:30 PM Eastern Time)


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