In level 4 Academic classes we have been discussing very deep and challenging topics in the last couple of weeks.

Mudejar Art: A Cultural Exploration Class

During the past two weeks, students at the academy who took the Mudejar ceramics class learned about Mudéjar art, a style that is native and unique to the history of Spain, and a meeting point between Christianity and Islam. Mudéjar refers to the Muslims who continued to practice their religion and their customs in the territories that became part of Christian dominions such as Granada, the last Moorish bastion in Spain before the Spanish Reconquest in 1492. The materials, techniques, and formal elements of Islamic artistic work left their stamp on the architecture of Spain.

Breakfast at Tiffany's? No, at Moroccan tea house in Granada today

This week's theme's include gaining understanding of the "Dieta Mediterranea". The level 4 class, after conducting research in the center of town on life styles and the true penetration of the diet in everyday life, stepped into a charming Moroccan tea shop for a mid-morning snack. We tried various teas such as "1001 Nights" or "A Thousand Flowers", coffees and sweets that made mouths water!

Spanish Students Visit Middlebury College!

Today, students from the Spanish Academy took a trip north to visit the campus of Middlebury College! We enjoyed a Flamenco performance and toured the beautiful Middlebury campus. An afternoon thunderstorm sent students to the Field House for some hoops and hanging out, but the skies cleared and allowed us to enjoy an outdoor dinner and pick-up soccer before heading back to campus.

Salsa Lessons in Spanish!

The Spanish Academy welcomed the musical group, Alex Torres and His Latin Orchestra, for a night filled with beautiful live music and dancing. Alex and his band members showcased and explained the music, instruments and rhythms associated with salsa music and also demonstrated the proper dance steps to the entire Spanish Academy. Music has the wonderous ability to influence your state of mind and students and faculty alike left this remarkable performance overjoyed and exhausted from dancing for three hours straight!

Pictures from our first day in Granada

Here are some pictures from our first day in Granada, Enjoy!

The process of cooking and eating Salmorejo—A cultural experience in the kitchen

One of the most important aspects of culture is food. What and how we eat is very important. Cooking is a quintessential part of our lives, and we know that besides tasting, eating, and cooking are also some of the funniest activities you can do when you experience a different culture.



Last weekend we visited a bakery in Alfacar, a small town close to the city of Granada. Alfacar is widely regarded as having the best bread in the whole province, so we decided to go there to learn the secrets of its popular flavor.


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