Student Entries

Throughout their time here in Beijing, all of the students have been active participants in the program. I know that every one of them has already made huge progress in the language. I really love these vivacious guys! Please check out their final student entries below:

Atop the Great Wall

Today, both students and staff embarked on a trip to visit the Great Wall. It was both fantastic and unforgettable!

Basketball and Bartering

As they head into their final weekend at the Academy, several students reflect on their experiences from past week. 

“It has been an interesting and exciting week in Beijing. Yesterday, we went to a local high school and met Chinese teenagers who are studying English. After meeting our new friends, we split up into activity groups. Without proper basketball attire, the Academy team chose to play shirtless and show the grit and scrappiness symbolic of previous American triumphs.

Marketplace Adventures

The students have continued to write about their time in Beijing and their impressions and reactions to these new experiences. Below, we have shared some from the past week. We hope you enjoy them!

Wednesday, July 1 

A Day Well Spent

This afternoon, we visited a local high school. Our students participated in several activities with the Chinese students, including fan dancing, diabolo, basketball, paper-cutting, calligraphy, ping pong, and more! Check out the many photos for a recap of the days activities!
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Fun with Friends

After our excursions to the Pearl Market and the 798 Art District today, the students came back to campus and met nearly 30 Chinese “buddies”, all local high school students, for three hours of fun activities.

Eat, Play and Learn in Tianjin

On the Fourth of July, America’s birthday, we went to Tianjin, a municipality which is about a two-hour drive from Beijing, to experience the local customs and culture. The district has a rich historical background–it was conceded to Japan and several European countries in the late 19th Century–and a great amount of spectacular architecture to visit. Food is also an important part of Tianjin culture, so if you want to experience the local snacks and specialties, Tianjin is the best place to go.

A Hot Pot Excursion

During one of their afternoon excursions, Zhou Laoshi and He laoshi’s classes combined to enjoy a hot pot meal in Zhong Guan Cun, an area of Beijing, at a popular chain restaurant called “Xiabu Xiabu”. Many students took a shot at ordering dishes for themselves for the first time!
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Presenting at the Evening Assembly

Today, students gathered in a large classroom for another night of evening assembly presentations. Each class took turns going to the front in small groups, and presenting or acting out a skit based on the new material they had learned during the day.
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Calligraphy, Tai Chi and More!

Every day, the students have one hour of extracurricular activities, including tai chi, Chinese painting, and Chinese calligraphy. It has only been over a week, but they have already made amazing progress!
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