A Kaleidoscopic Day

Today was an extremely kaleidoscopic day. The assistant resident director emphasized the language pledge in the morning assembly in English so that every student could understand the importance of our purpose clearly, which is definitely helping them create the immersive Chinese environment and guarantee their security and safety. After that, students had their normal daily class, and had some nutritious food for lunch.

Beijing Academy in the Students' Words

Here are the most recent posts from our Beijing Academy students!  



More Student Blog Posts!

Here are most posts from our Beijing Academy students!


Student Logs for July 6th from Beijing!

Here are responses from the students on how their experience is going in Beijing: 


Updates from Beijing Academy Students

As students continue their journey abroad, here are a few accounts from them on how things have been!


"My second day started by waking up early in the morning. Then having gotten changed and dressed, I was ready to begin my day. I met with some of my friends and we decided to go for a typical Chinese breakfast. I was so excited to finally eat Red Bean Steamed Buns again, as they were my favorite snack the last time I visited Beijing.

Life Abroad from the Perspectives of the Students!

In the words of the students, here's what went on today:


Every Second of Every Day: Immersion

Time is surely an enigma in the way it passes along so quickly. Nevertheless, here in Beijing, we're making use of every second of the day!

Eager to get started, Middlebury Interactive staff members met new students at the airport, in the lobby and at the dorm. Despite being a little tired from the journey, there was still an energetic and positive vibe running through the 2016 Middlebury Interactice Beijing cohort!


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