Singing, Chalk Art and Volleyball

Arabic students have been making the most of their activity period and free time lately by exploring activities such as chalk drawing, friendship bracelet making, henna tattoos and volleyball.

Students Continue to Explore the Arabic Language and Culture

Arabic students continue to respect The Language Pledge® and explore Arabic culture in their classes and cultural exploration time. Today during cultural exploration a group of students analyzed Arab hospitality customs and used what they discovered to create skits which were then performed for their peers.

Spanish Students Visit Middlebury College!

Today, students from the Spanish Academy took a trip north to visit the campus of Middlebury College! We enjoyed a Flamenco performance and toured the beautiful Middlebury campus. An afternoon thunderstorm sent students to the Field House for some hoops and hanging out, but the skies cleared and allowed us to enjoy an outdoor dinner and pick-up soccer before heading back to campus.

Salsa Lessons in Spanish!

The Spanish Academy welcomed the musical group, Alex Torres and His Latin Orchestra, for a night filled with beautiful live music and dancing. Alex and his band members showcased and explained the music, instruments and rhythms associated with salsa music and also demonstrated the proper dance steps to the entire Spanish Academy. Music has the wonderous ability to influence your state of mind and students and faculty alike left this remarkable performance overjoyed and exhausted from dancing for three hours straight!

German Academy Christmas Celebration and Field Trip Adventures!

In the third week of the program, our students have adjusted to Middlebury Interactive Languages Summer Academy life, and the German Academy has become a tight-knit community. It is amazing to see and hear the progress of the students’ language skills. 

German Academy Bromley Mountain Adventure

Today the German Academy ventured to Bromley Mountain Adventure Park! Students arrived at the park and started the day off with a nice hike up to the top of the Alpine Slide. We chose quite the ideal day to hike, as the views from the top were breathtaking! 

Field Day Fun!

For field day German, Arabic and Spanish Academies from Green Mountain College traveled to Saint Michael's College to join the French and Chinese students! Here all five Academies competed against one another in a variety of sports and fun activities including soccer, basketball, water balloon toss, a cheer competition and sudoko. Upon winning an activity, the team recieved points and in the end the Spanish and Chinese Academies actually ended up tying for first place!

We Danced the Night Away

The energy level at Green Mountain College was at an all time high tonight, as German, Arabic and Spanish students all enjoyed Academy specific celebrations! 

Spanish Spotlight on Salsa and Painting

Today was another exciting day at the Summer Academy! Some highlights included a portion of the Spanish Academy who prepared delicious fresh salsa and guacamole. Later in the day, Spanish students viewed many presentations from their well-traveled REs on various Spanish-speaking countries including Chile, Mexico, Spain, Columbia, Puerto Rico, Peru, Argentina and Guatemala.

Welcome to the German Academy!

Dear Parents,

The Middlebury Interactive Languages Summer Academy is off to a wonderful start, and the German Academy is having a fantastic time! The staff enjoyed welcoming all the new students on arrival day and showing them their new home in North Hall.


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